April 23rd Webinar Review

This is a review of the live webinar broadcast on 4/23.

Depending on when things get started back up, we will have these every couple of weeks or as news is hot.


No update for a Flag Football start date. We will start when the township allows it.
If we can get a season started by June 15th we should be able to get it in.
Any time after that, we may suspend the season and look to start in Spring 2021. Again, nothing definitive until we know more.
We cannot offer refunds as the money has been spent on insurance and uniforms.
We cannot allocate funds from flag to tackle registration for the same reason.
NFL Flag released prototypes for their new uniforms which will be public shortly.


Right now we have no details on a start date. We will start when the township allows it.
We feel if we can get on the fields by August, we should be good.
There will be challenges that may greatly impact our season.
Referees, uniform and equipment availability, Phila. parks availability, insurance availability and cost among others.
We are currently looking at alternative end of year tournaments, replacing UYFL National Championships in December.


Online tackle registration is now available HERE
We ask those who are committed to playing Wardogs in 2020 register ASAP
We are not collecting any money towards registration at this time. We just want to get an idea on membership. There is no commitment
Registration will be the same as 2019. Details on everything related to registration can be found HERE


Wardogs Boxing will continue operations at Oxford Valley Mall once it reopens.
There will additional synergy between the gym and the other sports including discounted memberships.
There is an interest in cheerleading for 2020 and I have some potential coach/volunteers. Can always use more.
There is a real possibility there will be a Wardogs Wrestling team in 2021. I have of interested coaches.
We would run it out of Wardogs Boxing and start with a few kids and ramp up from there.

Depending on when the quarantine is over, we may have a few more of these in leui of live meetings.
Information will continued to be posted on our Spond application, Facebook page and website (http://www.thewardogway.com)

Thank you. #WD4L

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