Every month I post, mostly free form, what’s going on, what I hear and my opinion on some things regarding youth football. These opinions are my own and not representative of this organization as a whole.

Our Flag Football registration continues. Extremely pleased with our younger age turnout, would like the older kids to be stronger. We have another 2 weeks and we are at about 75% of our goal for registration. If you have not registered yet, you can do so online here or at Mill Creek Elementary on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30P – 8P. Also, there are grumblings about us starting up Flag and a misunderstanding as to why we are doing it. Two reasons. Main reason, it is a cheap sport that allows our players and coaches of the same age group stay together in the fall and spring. Also, we have to remain competitive. It really is that simple. Other clubs around us started doing it over the last couple of years and it has been used as a means to sway kids towards their programs. Not throwing shade, nothing wrong with it. Just the underbelly of youth sports. But, if you haven’t noticed, we are flush with youth programs. 13 within a 10 mile radius last I checked. While being the biggest isn’t all that important, we would like to stay around. We did not start this to compete with any other Flag only leagues in the area. This is why we play our games on Saturday, not Sunday like they do. They are good at what they do and maybe someday we will do something together.

Our new board has started working. It will be interesting to see what we can get accomplished with a full board. It has been several years. There is always room for more. If you want to help, track me our Phoebe or Terry or someone down. We will get you to the right person.

We are looking into hosting some adult football tournaments. We are looking a both flag and touch. Keep an eye out but thinking maybe May and July for starters. If you have a team interested in either you should get a hold of me.

NESAC Football has given most divisions 5 pounds this year. Always good to get a couple more pounds. Every year we get to the inevitable unlimited football era. I for one will take care of the scales “Office Space” style.

Some of our 13U players checking out some options for next year. Some out of state and some to nationally ranked teams. That was a great football team and these kids will be making noise throughout the area. Truman, Pennsbury, Neshaminy, Egan, Wood, St. Frances. You never know where a Wardog will turn up.

2019 was an interesting year. For the new parents, thanks for hanging in. With the construction and uncertainty with the facility we had to be very fluid this year. The club took a beating financially but we survived. We have a tremendous opportunity to make it back in concessions in 2020 so I hope everyone is ready to get their $40 back.

2020 presents incredible opportunity but a lot of uncertainty. I haven’t been nervous going into a tackle season in quite sometime but I have to be honest, this year will be challenging. I would just like everyone to remember that we are volunteers. We do not have to do this. A lot of us do not have kids or kin in the club anymore. We have our reasons. I will not speak for anyone else. Just take it easy and know that your child’s interests, safety and enjoyment are what matters to us. Believe it. Until next month.