2020 Fall Tackle Football FAQ

When will registration begin?

We are beginning early registration now. However, due to unprecedented times, we will not be accepting payment at this time. We anxiously wait for the day when we can confirm details regarding camps, practices and a season in 2020. Right now there are too many variables for anyone to intelligently talk on it. Philadelphia access to parks, uniform and equipment availability, referee availability are just a few things that need to be sorted.

So why register now?

A couple of reasons. First, it will allow us to get a good idea of the teams we will be fielding. Late registration really creates issues as we have to commit to our teams with NESAC by mid-August. We sometimes end up with unbalanced teams when we get a rush at certain ages. Second, a return to some kind of normalcy. Now is when we start registering, so we will start registering.

How much is registration?

Registration is $160. This includes 2 game jerseys, a pair of game pants and a couple pair of socks. This fee also includes all insurance as well as NESAC and UYFL registration. Finally, this covers a per player fee we pay to cover our permit fees.

There is also a $40 per family volunteer fee. You will pay this at registration. You can then volunteer for a shift in the concession stand (2 – 3 hours) and we return the $40 on the spot. If you coach or volunteer you do not pay this fee. There are other opportunities to recover this fee as well.

We provide you with the ability to recover 100% of your registration fee. When you make FULL payment, we will provide you with 16 raffle tickets that can be sold for $10 per ticket. When you sell the tickets you keep the money. If you choose not to sell, fill them out, return them and you may win some cash at Homecoming.

Finally, you are unable to sell tickets, you can work a coin toss shift with your player(s) and we will knock $20 per shift off of your registration. We have 1 scheduled July 4th weekend and 1 in mid-August.

What do I need to have for participation?

Football helmet – You will need a black helmet, preferably with a black face-mask. New helmets start around $80 each and last about 5 years. https://football.epicsports.com/prod/135137/schutt-yth-recruit-hybrid-football-helmets-w-mask.html

Shoulder pads – Football shoulder pads start around $30 and I have seen them last 10 years. https://football.epicsports.com/prod/102273/champro-youth-scorpion-football-shoulder-pads.html

Black integrated practice pants – Standard black football pants with the 7 leg pads integrated. These start around $20 per pair. https://football.epicsports.com/prod/21302/martin-youth-integrated-football-practice-pants.html?cid=4045

Mouthpiece / cleats – Entirely your call. Cleats from other sports are fine. If buying new, we prefer black.

All of these items can be purchased at any local sports store, online (I recommend epicsports.com) or at local sporting good stores (I like Sixsmith or All American). Please feel free to reach out with questions.

What are the divisions and age groups?

NESAC fields teams at every age starting from 6 up until 14. The age is as of July 30th, 2020, so whatever you child’s age is on 7/30 is their playing age. Tentatively we are looking to field teams at the following ages: 6U (no weight limit) (two teams, A and B) 7U (100lbs), 8U (110lbs), 10U (130lbs), 12U (150lbs) and 13U (no weight limit).

This is very flexible and we may register in addition to or in place of a 9U (120lbs), 11U (140lbs) and 14U (no weight limit) team.

Anything else I need to know?

A few things:

If you wish to volunteer in any way, please email wardogsuyfl@gmail.com. Applicants must pass a PA State Criminal Background Check and F.B.I. National Child Safety Check.

Once we get the word that we are a go from Bristol Township, we will contact all who have registered this year and will post on all of our sites. Beyond that, we will play it by ear.

Uniforms are personalized, player last name on back and selected number. Numbers are assigned to volunteer players first then on a first registered, first pick basis.

What next?

Register your player online here. Once that is done, you will be added to the Spond app, which is an app we use for central communication. When we have more details, we will get them out.

Also, depending on how long we are quarantined, I will have some live webinars for updates and Q&A. These are usually at the field during practices but changes are coming.

We look forward to getting back on the turf with our returning members and meeting new players. In 2019 we placed 4 of our 5 teams in the NESAC Championships, with 3 winning the hardware. We take our football fun very serious and will continue to build on this success with an attitude that positive competition and physical fitness breeds success in our boys and girls both on and off the field. The Wardog Way.