2020 Wardogs Executive Board Positions Now Open for 2020

Appointments for the 2020 Wardogs Athletic Association Executive Board of Directors begin immediately. In 2019, the Wardogs By-Laws were changed to adopt a new board structure. This structure allows for long term vision and active participation by a variety of individuals.

Executive Board positions are a 3 year term. The President has been appointed by Bristol Township and begins a 3 year term in 2020. The remaining Executive Board positions are selected by the President and also serve a 3 year term.

Director positions are a 2 year term. Directors are voted on by the Executive Board and appointed based upon applicable knowledge, previous experience and other measurable assets.

Manager positions are a 1 year term. Managers are approved by the reporting Director, with approval from the Executive Board.

Committees are formed by the Executive Board when needed. While not possessing voting rights, these positions are very important and we ask all of our members to consider involvement in one of more committees.

All board position appointments are subject to passing a criminal background check, federal child protection check and if necessary, a credit check.

If are interested in applying for a position, please send an email to wardogsuyfl@gmail.com with the position you wish to apply for and why you are a good fit.

Also, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at wardogsuyfl@gmail.com