Tackle FAQ

What does it mean that Wardogs are now “Unlimited”?

Wardogs Football, now Wardogs Elite, has joined the PA Elite AYF organization. As a result, we are now an Unlimited weight tackle football program. This means that players are now grouped by age as opposed to weight. Players will no longer be required to meet a weight limit.

Is this safe?

Yes. Football is a contact sport and inevitably, injuries happen. What various studies suggest however is that the frequency and injury types are consistent across both weighted and unlimited football. Additionally, studies show that injuries are less prevalent among players ages 5 through 9 in unlimited football. There are various studies out there and this is a good article with reference material:


How much is registration?

Registration is as follows:

Early Registration: $175 (register by 5/1)

Registration: $200 (register by 8/1)

Late Registration: $250 (register after 8/1)

There will also be a couple of pop up registration events at a lower price. These will be advertised on our social media and will be limited availability.

Your flyer says that football is free. How is that?

When you pay your registration fee in full, you are given raffle tickets to sell. These tickets are for cash prizes and are drawn at our annual homecoming game. When you sell these tickets, you keep the money. So, you pay $200 in registration, we give you 20 tickets to be sold for $10 each and you keep that money. That is how we say registration is free.

What does registration include?

All league and association fees, insurance, township fees and a player banquet ticket are included with registration.

Also included are two custom football jerseys, with player name and jersey number, 1 pair of integrated game pants and two pair of socks. We will also provide a mouthpiece if needed, although we recommend you get one suitable for your specific player needs.

What do I need to provide myself?

Football helmet, shoulder pads and integrated practice pants. You will also need cleats (non-metal) and we recommend a mouthpiece (not red, needs a leash).

The cost of all of these items starts around $150. We will provide you with information on where and what to buy. Upon request, we will provide you with a flyer to take to our vendor and they will get you what you need.

What else will I need?

Identification. If your child is 10 or over, they will need a state issued photo identification card or recent passport. If the child is under 10, passport or original birth certificate is required. Besides this, you will need to provide a report card for your player and will need to fill out a couple of forms.

Details about acquiring the ID can be found here: https://www.dmv.pa.gov/Driver-Services/Photo-ID2/Pages/Get%20An%20ID.aspx

What are the ages you register?

Ideally we will register every age allowed in PA Elite which is currently 6U/7U/8U/9U/10U/11U/12U/13U/14U.

Over the last 5 years we have historically registered 5 to 7 teams depending on ages and weights. Removing weights from the process, we expect to field on the high end of that range. We do not expect a player to have to play beyond 1 year of their playing age. For example, a 9 year old, regardless of size will only play with kids 10 years old at the oldest.

Do I have to live in a specific school district or township to participate?

Absolutely not. We currently accept boys and girls age 4 through 14 from all surrounding school districts and townships. Being the premier Unlimited youth football organization in the county, we want all kids to experience playing for a top tier organization on a state of the art field.

Where are practices and games?

Practice and home games are played at Bristol Township Community Field which is located at https://goo.gl/maps/gFgRRbfYVNQMcfAw8

Away games will be played in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. All games are generally an hour or less away.

Anything else?

Main thing is to get registered. Once we get your information you get added to the Spond app. This gets you access to our Zoom conference call details, camp schedules and other things not available on our social media. In the meantime, keep an eye on or Facebook page and Instagram.