How is the Board of Directors elected?

Incumbent board members can express their interest in retaining their position or moving into a new position at the end of their term. Those interested in applying for a board position for the first time will need to submit their interest via email to [email protected]. Interested parties can submit a resume or a brief overview of any experience pertinent to the desired position.

Once the submission period ends, the President will select the Executive Board. Once the Executive Board is in place, they will select the Board of Directors and then all parties will select the Commissioners and Managers.

Are there any requirements for applying for a position?

Yes. All board members (and volunteers) must pass a PA State criminal background check. All bank depositors must provide a credit report in good standing.

Executive board members must be a member of Wardogs Elite for two calendar years and have a proven history of experience relative to their desired position.

Board of Directors members must be a member of Wardogs Elite for one calendar year and have a basic understanding of their desired position.

What kind of commitment is being a board member?

Anywhere from substantial to minor. If you desire an Executive Board or Director position, you need to prepare to be a year long participant as we run through several season blocks. Commissioners and Managers are expected to be engaged throughout the season but will primarily volunteer during a specific season block.

How do I apply?

Send an email to [email protected] and provide your standard contact information, any current players that are in the program and which position(s) you are applying for. If you wish to provide information or a resume please do. You will be contacted confirming we received your inquiry and further details.

I want to help. Do I have to be a Board Member?

Absolutely not. There are various committees drawn up to handle specific events and activities. We also need game day volunteers and teams need parents to assist with registration, play counting and player control. There is plenty to do.